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The Town of Springerville maintains the Community Services Department, which is responsible for providing programs that assist the elderly and low income.

Emergency Services Division

The Housing and Energy Services Division provides low income assistance for Southern Apache County residents in the communities of Springerville, Eagar, St. Johns, Nutrioso, and Vernon. The Division serves those who are unemployed and under employed, have inadequate education, inefficiently or ineffectively utilize income, maintain inadequate housing, lack the ability to meet emergency needs, or are categorized as starving or malnutritioned.

Click here for a complete listing of the services provided by the Division.

Senior Center Division

The Senior Center Division serves the needs of citizens age 60 and over residing or visiting Eagar, Springerville, and the surrounding areas. The Senior Center coordinates and monitors services for seniors with community and state agencies including the Arizona Adult Protective Services, local physicians, the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Arizona Long Term Care System, Apache County Homemaker/Home Health Aides, Arizona Aging & Adult Administration Senior Community Services, Arizona Department of Health Services, Apache County Home Health Nurses, etc.

Click here for a complete listing of the services provided by the Senior Center.

Donations and Volunteers

The Housing and Energy Division, while provided funds from local, state, and federal government, relies on contributions and assistance from the community. If you would like to donate your time, skills, or resources, please contact the Emergency Services Division at:

356 S. Papago
Springerville, Arizona 85938
(928) 333-2516


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