418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938

Heritage Center

Four museums from around the communities of Round Valley have been placed into the historic school building at 418 East Main Street in Springerville:

Casa Malpaís Archaeological Museum, The Renee Cushman Museum, the Becker Family History Museum, and the White Mountain Historical Society. The Springerville-Eagar Chamber of Commerce has been relocated to the front of the Town of Springerville Complex, and a new art gallery has been added in the expanded space.

 Casa Malpais

- located near Springerville Arizona, is the premiere archaeological site in the White Mountains of Arizona. This unique site features an astronomical calendar, a great kiva, ancient stairways and rock art from the Mogollon culture. Museum features artifacts from Casa Malpais and a video introduction by Hopi and Zuni elders.

The Renee Cushman Art Collecction

- an extensive collection of art objects, some acquired on her travels and some collected with the accumulated resources of three wealthy husbands, and some willed to her by her artistic father - includes a Rembrandt engraving, pen-and-inks by Tiepolo, and an impressive collection of European antiques, some dating back to the 15th century.

The Becker Family Collection

- Correspondence, photographs, legal documents, and financial records chiefly documenting the Becker Mercantile Company and other businesses of the Becker family as well as documents relating to the family’s interests in the development of Apache County, Arizona.

White Mountain Historical Society

- displays commonly used household items and tools from 1870-1940. Ten rooms are dedicated to the people and towns of the White Mountain area, with highlights including a wooden aquaduct, telephone switchboard, blacksmith shop and jail cell.

418 E Main St
Springerville, Arizona
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