418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938

Message From Director

I have been part of the Town of Springerville since 1994. In 1983, I received my undergraduate in Family Science and Business Management. Before moving to this area, I worked as an office manager for the Provo City Engineering Department, at Hercules Aerospace Industry as a financial analyst and then with Head Start in Montana as a teacher. Finally, in 1994, my husband and I moved to this area with our two children.

The Community Services Department encompasses two divisions—the Round Valley Senior Center Division and the Crisis & Utilities Services Division.

The Senior Center is a great place to enjoy the company of other seniors your age or to get assistance when you need a helping hand. We offer a variety of services. Not only are meals available, but there are also opportunities for exercising, education, training, volunteer service, and education.

I recently read an article from the National Council on Aging which discussed research that older adults who participate in senior center programs, compared with their peers, have higher levels of health, social interaction, and life satisfaction. Research showed that due to ongoing programs offered through senior centers, participants learn to manage and delay the onset of chronic disease and experience measurable improvements in their physical, social emotional, mental, and economic well-being.

The Crisis & Utilities Assistance Division offers support services for people in poverty. There are many people in our area who, due to economic hardship, are faced with the threat of homelessness or the inability to adequately heat their homes during the winter. Local households are also be faced with the inability to repair or replace one of their major appliances. We are here to help.

As you participate in the programs offered at the senior center, you are sure to continue improving your well-being. I hope you will review the resources listed in this website that are available to help you get moving in the right direction!

— Sharon Pinckard, Director