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Volunteering Donating

You can help us stamp our senior hunger and meet the increased demands of service by volunteering.
Opportunities include:

Meals on Wheels Volunteer.
Spend about an hour a day (one day a week) delivering meals to homebound seniors. You must be able to pass a Department of Public Safety Background Check.

Kitchen Assistant.
Help cook and/or prepare meals for our seniors. Volunteers are needed 4 days a week to help with this service.

Be a Senior Angel.
Volunteer to help a senior in need by visiting them or helping them with small, household chores. You may also be able to help with small household repairs.

Be a Foster Grandparent.
In addition to grandparents raising their own grandchildren, may seniors are reaching out to the younger generation to pass along knowledge and understanding through the Foster Grant parent Program. Senior citizens are recognized as being able to give the special care and attention needed by many youngsters.

Be a Senior Companion.
Many of our local seniors need a little extra help. If you are at least 60 years of age and are low income, you may qualify to work 20 hours per week, helping other seniors in our area. In return, you will receive a stipend of about $2.00 per hour for your service.

Senior Work Program.
Qualifying seniors may be eligible to provide 20 hours per week of work service preparing meals in the kitchen, delivering meals, or helping in the thrift shop.

Help with Fundraisers.
Each year, we hold several fundraising activities. These include ringing holiday bells for support at the local grocery stores, participating in the annual yard sale, and helping raise money through the annual March for Meals Program.

Sponsor a Senior with your Donation.
Grants only fund about 1/3 of the monies we need to provide ongoing services. Currently, there is a waiting list for our Meals on Wheels Program. Our biggest hurdle over the past year has been the increased cost of food, packing materials, and the rising cost of fuel and utilities. You can help by sponsoring a senior. A $520 donation will cover meals and other services for a period of 6 months. All donations are tax deductible.

You can donate today by downloading this form.