418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938


How to Volunteer / Apply

There is a great deal of excitement and a sense of accomplishment that comes with extinguishing a structure fire, extricating a trapped patient from their vehicle, or saving a life. The satisfaction, camaraderie, and experience received from the fire and rescue service is often beyond description. However, this business is not for everyone. Firefighters need courage, dedication, assertiveness, and above all a desire to help others in need. Firefighters perform strenuous work that tests their abilities in uncertain and often hazardous situations.

The Springerville Volunteer Fire Department is always recruiting new members who wish to actively participate as firefighters and first responders.  Whether you are living in Round Valley today and want to join us immediately, or if you are a high school junior or senior trying to scope out plans for your future, we want to talk with you about your membership with SFD.

Please call (928) 333-2422 (Fire Department Voice Mail) or (928) 333-2656 (Town Hall) for more information.