418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938

About Officers

Chief Mike Nuttall began his career with the Springerville Police Department in 1989.
In 1989 he worked at Stone Container sharpening saws. Due to the economy taking a downward turn the saw mill closed. He asked the Town of Springerville to sponsor him at reserve police academy, they agreed. Chief Nuttall attend the reserve police academy held at Northland Pioneer College in Snowflake. He did this on the weekends for 10 months graduating the police academy in 1990. Chief Nuttall continued his education with Northland Pioneer College and received his Associates Degree in Criminal Justice in 2003.

He worked as a reserve officer for the Springerville Police Department for about 3 years. In 1993 he was hired as a full time certified officer for the department. While working as an officer he found that he had a interest in investigations. While on patrol he would follow up on his and other officers cases, this resulted in a high percentage of cases being solved. After several years of this he was promoted to detective. Chief Nuttall was the first detective for the department and also the first detective in the surrounding agencies. He has solved some very high profile cases, including a federal wolf killing case and the first capital murder case in Apache County. He worked as a detective until his promotion on 01-01-2010 to Chief of Police.

Chief Nuttall is very community oriented and volunteers for several community organization. He has been a volunteer fire fighter for about 28 yrs working as an engineer and cook for the Eagar Fire Department. He is on the local Boy Scout advancement committee and a merit badge counselor. He has served as secretary/treasurer on the S.C.E.T. team of Southern Apache County. He has served as secretary and treasurer for the Little Colorado Lodge #74 of the Fraternal Order of Police. He has also put on a BBQ contest since 2011 for different charities in the community. He has raised to date about $20,000 with this event.

Chief Nuttall welcomes the new challenge of being police Chief and looks forward to serving the citizens of Springerville to the best of his ability.

I couldn't have picked a better place to live or work. It is a privelge to serve the citizens of Springerville and I hope to do it for as long as I can.

Sgt. David Gregory
My name is David Gregory, I was born in Phoenix and moved to Springerville/Eagar area when I was 3 months old. I have lived in Round Valley all my life and have enjoyed every moment. I became a Police Officer in February of 1996 and worked for the St. Johns P.D. for 2 1/2 years before coming to Springerville P.D.. My father was a Sergeant for the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps, so in November of 1995 I went to the Police Academy at Central Arizona College. I love hunting and fishing and we have the best of both here in the White Mountains of Arizona.

I married my lovely wife Marsha on March of 1991, she had been a solid rock for me and stood by me through thick and thin. I will be retiring in a little over 3 years and love working with all the fellow Officers here at Springerville and Eagar.

Sgt. Ellis Hicks
Ellis Hicks is a patrol sergeant with the Springerville Police Department. Ellis is an outdoor fanatic and likes fishing and hunting. He especially likes spending time with his family.

Ellis started working for the Springerville Police Department in 1990 as Animal Control Officer. Ellis enjoyed his job working with the citizens of the community and educating them in the importance of keeping their pets tagged, current on vaccinations, and the dangers of them running at large within the town.

Ellis furthered his career with the Springerville Police Department after enrolling into Central Arizona Regional Law Officers Training Academy in 1993. After graduating in 1994, Ellis returned to Springerville as a Certified Arizona Law Enforcement Officer. Ellis continued his career working for the citizens of this community in an effort to keep our town and street's safe. Ellis liked assisting in educating parents and children on Bicycle safety, Drug Awareness, child restraints, and seatbelts. In 1996, I was awarded Commendation Award for Service to the Public above and beyond.

In 2002 Ellis was assigned to the Apache County Cooperative Enforcement Narcotics Team A.C.C.E.N.T.. Ellis continued his contributions to the citizens of Apache County in an attempt to keep drugs out of our communities and off our streets. Ellis along with other members of "A.C.C.E.N.T." made numerous arrests in our surrounding communities for many types of illegal drugs including prescription medication. Ellis also assisted the surrounding communities of Apache County by hosting drug awareness and drug identification seminars / classes to our schools.
Ellis returned to the Springerville Police Department in 2007 and later received an Appreciation Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Drug Enforcement efforts of Apache County. Ellis was soon promoted to Patrol Sergeant. Ellis is not able to give just a little more back the the department and community and is happy to be working with a great team of officers who also contribute so much to our community in their own way.

Officer Daniel Carthel
I am officer Daniel Carthel. I have been a police officer with the Springerville Police Department since February of 2004. I grew up in St. Johns AZ. I have enjoyed serving our town and look forward to continued service.

Officer Tyler Biggs:
I was born and raised in Delta Jct Alaska and have lived all over the US as I was born into a military family. I've been in Law Enforcement since 2003 when I graduated from the US Army Military Police School. I was in the Army from 2003 - 2011 as a Military Police Officer. I got into civilian Law Enforcement in 2007 when I graduated from a police academy in Missouri. I moved back to Arizona in 2008 and was hired by the Apache Junction Police Department and attended the Mesa Police Academy. I worked for AJPD from 2008 - 2012 when I came to the Springerville Police Department. I am a certified Canine Handler and the only active certified Drug Recognition Expert in Apache County. I also was able to design the new vehicle decals for Springerville Police Department and our new police badges.

Officer J.C. Kemp:
My name is James C. Kemp, and I was born in Hamilton, Montana. I started my Law Enforcement career in 2003 in La Paz County, AZ, where I worked as first drug interdiction/patrol Officer, then a detective on the La Paz County Task Force. I moved to Round Valley in 2013, and began work for the Springerville Police Department as a patrol officer. I have always believed in the necessity of Law Enforcement, in order for there to be something between a victim and those who would choose to victimize others, and I am proud to be an Officer for this community.

Officer Quintin McCue:
My name is Quintin McCue, I was born and raised in Springerville, AZ. I have been with the Springerville Police Department since March 2013. I attended the Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy in Snowflake in 2012. I enjoy hunting, bass fishing and being in the outdoors. I got into Law Enforcement for a variety of reasons, mostly to serve the people of the community I grew up in. I am proud to serve as a Police Officer for the community.

Administrative Assistant Dennis Gilliam:
My name is Dennis Gilliam and I was born and raised in Eagar. I started working for the Police Department in October 2000 as Animal Control. It was a great opportunity that I was given, and I made the most of it. In 2001 I helped a fellow Officer raise money for the Law Enforcement Torch Run in which we raised over $3000. I have been helping with Special Olympics for over 16 years and have coached for the past 12 years. I love each and every one of my athletes. I loved helping the community, and getting to know them. In 2016 I switched to being Administrative Assistant for the Department so I could finish my career in Springerville. I love God, my family, and my country.

Animal Control Officer Shane Phillips:
Shane Phillips is the Animal Control Officer and he is from Norfolk, VA. He served his country for five years in the U.S. Army and Department of Corrections as an officer for five years. Shane has been working for SPD since Dec 2016. His goal as the Animal Control Officer is to serve the community to the best of his abilities.