418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938

Public Works

The Town of Springerville Public Works Department maintains the public water, wastewater, transportation and facilities infrastructure.
Location- 285 North Papago Street, Springerville, AZ, 85938
Hours of Operation Monday through Thursday 6:30am-5:00pm 

Town of Springerville Public Works consists of nine (9) full time employees dedicated to providing preventative maintenance, hookups, and water/sewer installations. Most of the employees are certified in multiple areas such as water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment.

1 - Public Works Director
1 - Foreman- Water & Waste Water Operator- Manages the Waste Water Treatment Plant
1 - Administrative Assistant
1 - Fleet Mechanic
1 - Building Maintenance
1 - Parks & Recreation (12 total Town Parks)
3 - Employees- Roads, Waste Water (sewer), Water.

PROJECTS: 2014 - 2015
  • Mapped out the Springerville Cemetery to help citizens find family members.
  • Developed erosion control up South Zuni Rd up to Springerville Cemetery to prevent the erosion and flooding down South Zuni.
  • Removed the 235,000 Gallon water tank in the Springerville Cemetery (It had not been in use for 18 years)
  • Installed a new backup generator on the East Booster Station and Tank Well (water). (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Inventory of all street signs in Springerville.
  • Re- Striped South Mountain
  • Striped Maricopa
  • Replaced the motor in the River Well and cleaned the piping (this is a major producer for the Town- West Side)
  • Cleaning, auguring, and using a camera to identify repairs as needed (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Worked with ADOT to have US 60 Micro sealed and restriped
  • Meter replacement on all Town Wells
  • Replaced the waterline on Mason Street and installed two new Fire Hydrants (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Renovated &  restore the Old School (Town Hall)
  • Installed new ADA Parking at Town Hall
  • Chip sealed Hualapai, Yaqui, Mohave, and South Hopi
  • Installed a new water line on Mason Drive
PROJECTS: 2015 - 2016
  • Re-adjust and pave Mason Drive
  • Main Street Enhancement from Zuni St to South Papago (TE)
  • South Pima Mill and overlay (STP)
  • Re- Striping South Mountain (HSIP)
  • Striping Maricopa Dr. (HSIP)
  • Rehab and re-paint the 1Million Gallon Water Tank in Springerville Cemetery (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Installing a new backup generator at the West Lift Station (sewer) (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Repair or replace Water Main Lines (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Repair or replace Sewer Main Lines (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Continue cleaning, auguring, and using a camera to identify repairs as needed (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Finish renovating and restoring the Old School (Town Hall) , building a Town Council Chamber
PROJECTS: 2016 - 2017
  • Rehab and re-paint the .5 Million Gallon Water Tank (east side of town) (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Cleaning the water mains in Town using a process called “Ice Pigging” (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Repair or replace Water Main Lines (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Repair or replace Sewer Main Lines (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Drill and install a new production well (East Side) MEADOW WELL 165 gpm (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Install a SCADA (Sensory Control and Data Acquisition) for all the water wells, water tanks, and sewer lift stations. (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Start rehabbing all the well houses. Sheeting and roofing
  • Town Hall work. Build counters, cabinets, and new paint
  • Install a new Casa Malapais gate and build a entrance
  • Install a new Gazebo in the Town Hall Park
  • Installing a new East Side Lift Station and back- up generator (sewer) (WIFA PROJECT)
  • Main Street Transportation Enhancement Grant. Trees, Shrubs, parking, lights, etc. (TE)
PROJECTS: 2017 - 2018
  • Sign replacement (from 2015 to 2017) (HSIP)
  • Coconino Drive new asphalt and re-alignment (STP)
  • New playground equipment, curbing, basketball court, sidewalks, and ADA parking (Town Hall Park)
  • New Greenhouse Office
  • Greenhouse behind Town Hall
  • ADA bathroom, Town Hall Park
  • Monitoring well WWTP (Nelson Lands)
  • Paint Town Hall/ Heritage Building
  • Chip Seal Becker Lane
  • Chip Seal Airport Road

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