418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938

Streets Road Maintenance

To report road hazards or road issues please contact our Public Works Office at (928) 333-5016
Click for Town of Springerville Snow Management Plan

The Division of Public Works maintains 23 miles of roadway, traffic and pedestrian services, street signs, street sweeping, guardrails, storm drainage, and bridges. These areas are to be kept as close to their original condition as possible.

The Road Maintenance crews provide cleanup, patching, and grading of unimproved roads, as well as snow removal on public thoroughfares. The Town maintains a heavy construction crew with a grader, loader, backhoe, dumptrucks, and power curber that the department uses to maintain and construct new roads.

During strong winter months, the crews will work around the clock to clear snow along major thoroughfares and school bus routes, whenever possible before the streets become active with traffic.